Tree Reduction

Of all the jobs that we are asked to complete the most common is tree pruning. Hertfordshire based tree surgeons here at Forestwood Tree Services offer a professional service pruning trees to keep them in shape, be healthier and to grow stronger.

When a tree is pruned there is generally about 20-30% of the tree’s height and width of the canopy removed.  Removal of this amount is good for the tree.  By thinning the tree out, strong winds can pass easily through the tree which makes the tree stronger in a storm as there is none, or little, resistance.

Our Hertfordshire tree reduction also helps identify and remove any dead or diseased wood and can help a tree find the perfect balance. Having a tree regularly pruned also helps stop light being blocked from properties and trees from taking over whole spaces and gardens too.

How much does Hertfordshire Tree Reduction cost?

We offer highly competitive rates for all tree reduction. In Hertfordshire, we advise homeowners that there are a few things that could possibly increase the cost of reducing trees. For example, greenhouses feature at the top of the list due to the glass panels which can be difficult to protect and therefore increase the time needed. If you are able to move your greenhouse temporarily, this could provide great savings.

The fewer obstacles there are around your tree, the faster we are able to reduce it and our price will reflect this. We are however very skilled in safe tree reduction in Hertfordshire with all manner of obstacles in the way, from power lines to fence panels. So you can rest assured the job will be in the safest of hands. We’re fully insured, qualified, British Standards and health and safety compliant and Trading Standards and local authority approved.