Maintenance Plans

Your garden can look neat and presentable all the time, without any efforts of you whatsoever! And there’s no secret to it, simply contact Forestwood when you are in need of expert garden maintenance in Hertfordshire. Scratch out the planting, fertilising, lawn mowing, weed removal and hedge trimming from your to-do-list and make room for something more exciting. In the meantime, the diligent gardeners will handle all the outdoor chores for you.

What's included?

  • Lawn Care – From regular lawn mowing to top dressing and lawn feeding, the gardeners will carry out various maintenance procedures to keep your lawn in top shape.
  • Weed Removal – Any pesky plant will be dealt with accordingly, every centimetre of your garden space will be checked for rogues. The skilled gardeners will perform a thorough weeding in order to eradicate all suckers from your garden.
  • Pruning and Removal of Trees – Forestwood can also help you with expert tree care. From tree surgery to trimming to crown reducing and shaping, the specialists can even remove a certain tree if it comes to this.
  • Ivy Pruning and Removal – The plants that twine on the sides of your home will be kept under control so they won’t cause damage to the brickwork. Also, they can be entirely removed from buildings, trees and plants, if that is what you prefer. We can cut, prune and shape ivy according to your specifications and liking.
  • Hedge Trimming – Your hedges will be pruned with diligence and trimmed evenly, you can be sure they are in the best possible hands. Our experts can cut back and shape any type of feature hedges and garden shrubs, no matter how overgrown or big in size they can be.
  • Garden Clearance – We can clear up any wild garden no matter how big it is. You can count on us to clear vegetation that has taken over your green space, remove weeds and tidy up garden beds. We’ll take care of long grass, wild shrubs and unshaped tree crowns in order to transform your garden into a place where you can enjoy your leisure time.
  • Waste removal – Every gardening job results in a pile of green waste. However, with Forestwood, you get a FREE collection and disposal of up to 180L of green waste with your gardening Hertfordshire service. This is 2 bags of 90L. If you want the team to dispose of more than 180L of refuse, you will be charged £3 per bag. After we’re done with the work, you will have a tidy garden that makes heads turn with envy.

In addition, you can always count on the expert advice of your gardeners when it comes to decisions regarding any garden care questions you may have.