Specialists in all Species of Hedge Trimming

Our hedge trimming experts have specialist knowledge of all the common species of trees in the UK including the following:

Conifer Tree Hedge Trimming

Conifer trees are well known for growing to soaring heights, sometimes up to 100 metres. Of the Latin Pinophyta, there are many different types of conifer including yew, pine, cypress and Douglas fir. If you have any type of conifer on your land, perhaps as a hedge or even just a single tree and it needs pollarding, you can rely on our expertise to safely handle it. Even if you have a full row of exceptionally tall conifers, our Hertfordshire conifer hedge trimming experts will be able to find a solution to prune them back to perfection.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming involves the removal of annual growth from your hedges or conifers to make it easier to maintain the area in which they are situated, as well as maintaining an aesthetically pleasing shape. Hedge trimming is recommended once a year to maintain the best shape. Leaving it longer results in more expense due to the need to use chainsaws instead of hedge trimmers.

Our Hedge Trimming Service

Forestwood Tree Services use only the best hedge trimmers with sharp cutters to ensure your hedges are trimmed properly without ripping and tearing the leaves or needles. It takes a great deal of skill to produce those perfect looking hedges with neat lines and a tight cut without over-cutting.

An inexperienced hedge trimming operator can ruin what may have taken years to achieve, which is why it is recommend only to use highly experienced trimmers in Hertfordshire. Forestwood Tree Surgery have been trimming and perfecting hedges since 2003 with over 15 years experience and a fanatic attention to detail yet still at competitive prices.

Can't I Just Hire a Hedge Trimmer Myself ?

Yes you can although you may find it can cost more than hiring Forestwood Tree Services to do it for you. From the cost of hiring out the hedge trimming machine, travel time, fuel costs used to collect it and return it followed by even more of your time to cut your hedges yourself, then don’t forget the cost of removing the waste left over. By the time your all said and done you may find it has cost you a substantial amount more in time and money than if you were to hire Forestwood Tree Services professional, qualified and insured Hedge trimming specialists to prune your hedges to perfection.

Forestwood Tree Services have been trimming hedges across Hertfordshire for over 15 years. Becoming leaders in the field in terms of speed and quality. With thousands of well pruned hedges already completed make Forestwood Tree Services your preferred choice.