Grounds Maintenance

Lawn Care

Once we have assessed your lawn and begun the seasonal treatment programme, you will start to see a number of benefits for your lawn. Your lawn should become greener, healthier and with fewer weeds and moss. The care that we provide can reap greater benefits than doing lawn care by yourself, as our treatments are consistent, professionally developed and are applied by a lawn expert who knows the exact requirements of your grass. As our treatments are applied all year round, your lawn will benefit from fertiliser and moss killer no matter what the weather.

Leaf Clearance

During the autumn months of October, November and December, leaves fall from our trees. These leaves are blown around and settle on lawns. Over the weeks if these leaves are left on the lawn then they can shade out the grass underneath, causing it to die.

The Lawn Man is able to visit in these late-season months and clear the leaves from your lawn. The leaves can either be blown into the borders and left to decompose into the soil, collected up and stored to make leaf mould, or taken away and disposed of safely.


Weeds can cause problems visually and structurally, appearing in places you thought they could not grow. Between block paving, through gravel driveways and paths and even through sheds. here at Forestwood Tree Surgery, we remove the most stubborn weeds and provide expert advice on how to keep them at bay.

Hedge Trimming & Pruning

Well maintained and trimmed hedges, shrubs and trees will significantly improve the overall appearance of your garden. We offer a complete Hedge Cutting and pruning service in Hertfordshire throughout the year, from hand Hedge Cutting of small domestic hedges to cutting much larger hedges using specialist equipment and ladders for some of our large commercial grounds maintenance contracts.



Whatever style you are looking for and whatever your needs, our horticulturists can provide the perfect solution for any size garden. From a small cottage garden, window boxes, planters or a complete garden makeover we can work with you to create the perfect outdoor space.

Plants are supplied by specialist nurseries, ensuring that your garden is planted with the highest quality plants.


Forestwood Tree Surgery specialises in transforming residential and commercial landscapes across Hertfordshire. We’ll create a great outdoor space for you by understanding your vision, using high-quality materials, and project managing the process from an initial site visit to project completion.

Litter Picking

Litter is a huge problem across Hertfordshire, and to ensure your premises doesn’t fall foul of it, make sure you employ the services of our professional litter picking team. Here at Forestwood Services Ltd, we administer professional clean-up solutions for commercial premises across the nation. From supermarkets to local authorities, to construction companies – whatever your business is, ensure you keep it pristine and presentable for your visitors all year round.